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Course 2 Final Project Reflection

For my final project, I chose to develop a Responsible Technology Use Agreement. With colleagues from my current school as well as from my previous international school, we developed a Middle School Technology Use Agreement. The agreement we created has many sections similar to those we researched in various other technology use agreements written by either individual schools or school districts in North America and internationally. Our agreement is Middle School specific and includes the responsibilities the students must perform in order to meet the standards for proper technology use. For me, the most interesting part was discovering how few agreements involved sections dedicated to the parent community. Parents are a crucial component to the success of creating positive digital experiences for students. I strongly believe they play a more important role than schools because they are their children.

We recognize the importance of parents. A unique aspect to our technology agreement was specific language we incorporated for the education of the parents such as a common glossary as well as specific expectations placed on parents. We also believe, the success of any technology use agreement needs to involve an opportunity to educate parents on technology, how their children are using it and how the school uses it. Parents need to be educated about technology and how their children use it, hence the sessions our agreement offers to help educate the parental community.

Rather than simply stating what the student responsibilities are, we wanted to more clearly state what the schools will be doing to help ensure students learn about technology and how to develop positive digital profiles. Our agreement states lesson plans and the technology area they focus on. This provides accountability for the school as well as the students. I think students , parents and the school need to be equally responsible and accountable for proper technology usage and our agreement addresses this key point.