Course 5 project idea

The final project idea for course 5 is the building and designing of a website called The Creative Learning Exchange. The purpose is to offer students a place to share their learning with a global audience and place them in the role of educator to their global peers. It is also designed to be a depository of student work based on creativity, innovation, curiosity and imagination. A place where students can build off each other’s ideas and continuously move knowledge forward.

I like this project idea because it is trying to combine effective technology integration with the shift in education towards more real-world application and to answering, “what can students do with knowledge?” The challenge will be how to use technology in a way which enhances understanding rather than a tool which distracts and takes away from learning. I need to remember that the goal is always to foster innovative and critical thinking and not to be consumed by the ‘coolness’ of technology.

This project is time consuming because it is also working with redesigning curriculum and looking at how to design more relevant and purposeful learning for students and then seeing how the technology best fits. I think the creative learning exchange holds possibility for an effective blend between the two. I hope.

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  1. Chrissy H

    I’m curious to hear more about your project idea – will the students be involved in the building and designing of the website?


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