Is the question really about integrating technology?

I really enjoyed reading the article by Steve Denning regarding the reforming of educational practice. He argues that we need to shift from a factory model of education; one which simply dispenses content and then tests it, to an educational model which inspires lifelong learners. I think this is the conversation we need to be having first, before we look at how effectively we will integrate technology into the classroom. How can we integrate technology effectively if the education system is flawed to begin with? When I say flawed, I am suggesting a current system, which worked well for a long period of time but which is now becoming outdated and increasingly ineffective. One of the reasons the factory model of educational delivery is becoming increasingly ineffective is because of the advances in technology. The internet has made content accessible and so has changed the role of teachers and the purpose of education. The global access of information has shifted the role of education from delivery of knowledge to application of knowledge. The question is shifting to, “What can student do with knowledge?”

“Our goal is to inspire our students to become life-long learners with a love of education, so that they will be able to learn whatever they have to.”

I see technology integration as supporting this new shift. The technology needs to be seen as a tool to enable students to think creatively and innovate with the content. Technology integration is using technology to apply knowledge in new ways. According to the samr model, it would be focusing on modification and redefinition.I still believe that technology will plateau in effectiveness until the educational model is reformed and shifts to, “ inspiring lifelong learning in students, so that they are able to have full and productive lives in a rapidly shifting economy.”(Denning,2011)

I am slow with integrating technology because at the same time I am thinking about technology, I am also looking at how to shift learning towards answering, “What can students do with knowledge?” When I come up with ideas about how to make content more applicable and relevant and provide opportunities for students to create and innovate with the knowledge, then I look at technology and ask, “How can technology support the student’s curiosity and be used to deepen understanding?”

2 thoughts on “Is the question really about integrating technology?

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  2. Chrissy H

    Definitely agree with you on technology integration supporting the shift to “what can students do with knowledge”. You highlight your thoughts about this in your last paragraph honestly and I’m looking forward to hearing more from you about what your students are able to create and innovate with the knowledge they are developing in your classes. Making these learning opportunities available for students really excites me!


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