Coetail Final project

My final project for course 5 will be a website based on curiosity and how we can foster curiosity in the classroom. The website is about providing students with ample opportunities in the classroom to be curious about their learning and then using technology as the tool to put their learning together and then be able to share their understanding globally. I see technology as the tool to share understanding, to be able to see what other students are doing with knowledge, to see other questions they are answering or curiosities they are pursuing. The technology is not the tool which is allowing students to better understand necessarily. It is the tool which enables global sharing of knowledge, and that is powerful.

It is a great project idea because I am passionate about curiosity and the desperate need for a lot more of it in schools and education in general. I love the fact that it will push my boundaries of technology as I will have to become technically more proficient in WordPress and will have to learn about how students can use the technology to best share their learning. I think because the end goal will be publishing student work, I predict that the level of pride in student work will increase and therefore their effort in learning the content as well as in presenting it will also increase.

I do not see a particular shift in my own pedagogy as this project reinforces my beliefs in learning being about satisfying our natural curiosities about our world and being able to pursue our own curiosities and use the content to answer our own questions. This project is simply the platform to promote the student work and to allow them through technology, a chance to share globally.

I will be designing the website but the students will be providing the content using technology. I am very excited.

2 thoughts on “Coetail Final project

  1. Chrissy H

    Building a valuable website with students (especially when they will be creating the content) is very exciting! I can’t wait to see how the learning journey with your students goes – don’t forget to document, document, document! (Believe me when I say it will make putting together your final video so much easier!) All the best to you and your students!


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