Final Project Update

One of the biggest questions I had during this course (and still do) is how can we use technology in the classroom in a way that enhances learning rather than simply using technology to simply use technology. How can technology be an effective learning tool? My final course 5 project is hopefully an answer to that question or at least a glimpse into the possibilities of how technology can be used to improve student understanding. One of the realizations I have made during this course is how technology has opened the door to the powers of collaboration and student sharing of ideas to a global audience. No longer is learning limited to the 4 walls of a classroom, but rather has the possibility of reaching all corners of the globe. I believe this is where the power of technology has its greatest possible effect. We need to be using technology to share student thinking, creativity and innovation. Not only sharing, but use the technology in a way which allows students to teach each other, share ideas and further their understandings. I am excited about how my final project is trying to address these possibilities.

I have also realized through this course, that the use of technology has to be a part of a bigger change. Simply adding technology or using certain technological features in isolation is not the answer. Technology must be used in conjunction with other aspects of learning, teaching and the overall picture of education in order to have its greatest impacts. In my final project, technology plays a part, but is not the only part or the largest part. Technology combined with looking at the design of learning, researching curiosity, reflecting on feedback practices and analyzing assessments are all integral parts to creating a project or idea with the goals of seeing past the deadlines of Coetail and there specific requirements, to a much larger purpose.

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