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Here it is. My final project. Long before I heard the word ‘COETAIL’, I had an idea about learning. What if there could be a website with the sole purpose of celebrating and promoting curiosity in learning. A place where students could share their curiosities, innovations and creativity to a potential global audience. A place where teachers from all around the world could place their student’s work; giving the work a legacy. A place where student work can have a life after the unit is over; to be  a resource for other students and to share ideas and build upon other students’ understandings. Welcome to CURIOSEDY.

This is an idea born 4 years ago and will hopefully continue and flourish for many more to come. Curiosedy is a website where all work is created by students There is no learning taught by an adult. All ideas, teaching and ideas are derived from the minds of students; their curiosities. The purpose is to hopefully inspire students to join and contribute their innovative thinking, creativity and curiosities. A place for other educators to work together to build a database of high quality, real-world student learning driven by curiosity!

In terms of technology, this has been a roller coaster of 5 courses. From the beginnings with google sites to actual web building through Go Daddy to finally landing on WordPress, and learning about youtube, Imovie, and twitter! From being overwhelmed, to feelings of drowning and moments of technical euphoria, this has been an educational roller coaster. I thank you for this opportunity and look forward to your thoughts.


My goals for this project was to use technology as a tool to demonstrate and present student understanding in more creative and innovative ways. Secondly, to demonstrate the power of technology as a tool for students and teachers to share their understandings and promote global instruction and collaboration of ideas and student knowledge.


In terms of technology, I used WordPress as the web site platform in conjunction with youtube. In terms of student work, alot of Imovie was used as well as several different video and animation making apps such as adobe voice. I also used collaborative tools such as padlets.


The project was introduced to the students by asking them, “What has always happened to their work at the end of a unit?” Their answer, “My parents put it on the fridge for a couple of days and then it goes in the trash!” I then asked, “What if your work could last a lifetime? What if, your work could inspire other students or teach other students? That is what Curiosedy is about.” That hooked them or at least hooked a few at the start and then as students put work up on curiosedy, other students began to want to. Students loved the idea of being able to teach others and not have their work simply end up in the waste bin.


this is hard to say about whether I reached my goals or the outcome because this project goes way beyond Coetail. I believe this idea is in its infancy stages and so to be able to state whether it has attained its goals is unrealistic. I think the fact that students want to produce work to appear on Curiosedy and are excited to create tutorials to help other students does speak to meeting some of the outcomes. Also, Curiosedy is not entirely based on technology. Technology actually plays a small role (but critical role) compared to the design of learning behind Curiosedy. The philosophy behind Curiosedy is based on an approach to teaching and learning I created called SIMPLE. I created this website during my time in Coetail as a way to clarify how the teaching and learning happen and what is the foundation which produces the products and student understanding displayed and shared through Curiosedy.


Computer technology allows for new tasks that were previously inconceivable. 
A classroom is asked to create a documentary video answering an essential question related to important concepts. Teams of students take on different subtopics and collaborate to create one final product.  Teams are expected to contact outside sources for information.
 At this level, common classroom tasks and computer technology exist not as ends but as supports for student centered learning.  Students learn content and skills in support of important concepts as they pursue the challenge of creating a  professional quality video.  Collaboration becomes necessary and technology allows such communications to occur.  Questions and discussion are increasingly student generated.
I believe the work on Curiosedy has reached the redefinition stage because the technology exists as support for student learning. The videos created by students will be a resource for future generations of learners. The technology also allows students to teach the concepts more efficiently through animation, imagery and voice. Also, things like padlets on math challenges allow students opportunity to share their thinking, build off other student thinking and share understandings with a global audience.


The realization with sharing is that the website is only worth sharing when there is enough student work to share. It takes a lot of time to produce the student work. Sharing is very personal and methodical for me. It is not about simply linking it to a blog post or tweeting it out. It is about slowly building a base of like minded passionate educators who see a purpose to Curiosedy and see potential in the idea. I have begun to share it through Twitter by tweeting student work that gets posted.


1.Word press is incredible…complicated, causes hair loss, but is incredible.

2. Technology gives life to student learning. Student understandings become legacies of understandings, to be used as a resource for generations.

After 5 courses…

I thought for my “interest based” post option for course 5, I would share some of my final reflections through my Coetail voyage.


Technology is a very powerful tool for collaboration and offering students opportunity to access global thinking and to share ideas globally. This is the big positive I have gained from my Coetail experience and is the basis of my final project


Technology is only effective in education and student learning when it has purpose. There is a lot of technology in the classroom with little purpose and is simply technological “busy” work (ex: substitution). It takes time and skill to infuse technology which has purpose


I am starting to see some benefits to the use of social media as a way to share ideas and to market oneself. I still find it very difficult to sift through all the social media to find actual nuggets of true value and authentic interaction. I still get overwhelmed with uselessness. However, the nuggets I do find are truly valuable and the opportunity to access would not have existed without technology.


I find we treat technology as a novelty It’s like a world of links! We overuse it. I have always felt that more is not better. If we can say it in fewer words…that is better. Just because I have access to all this technology does not mean I have to use it or that other people want to hear about it. We are losing our ability to share what is truly important and are rather just providing all of it. We feel the need to hyperlink everything, to show the world what we know. The following says it all!

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 12.25.28 PM

Look forward to sharing my final project with you!