After 5 courses…

I thought for my “interest based” post option for course 5, I would share some of my final reflections through my Coetail voyage.


Technology is a very powerful tool for collaboration and offering students opportunity to access global thinking and to share ideas globally. This is the big positive I have gained from my Coetail experience and is the basis of my final project


Technology is only effective in education and student learning when it has purpose. There is a lot of technology in the classroom with little purpose and is simply technological “busy” work¬†(ex: substitution). It takes time and skill to infuse technology which has purpose


I am starting to see some benefits to the use of social media as a way to share ideas and to market oneself. I still find it very difficult to sift through all the social media to find actual nuggets of true value and authentic interaction. I still get overwhelmed with uselessness. However, the nuggets I do find are truly valuable and the opportunity to access would not have existed without technology.


I find we treat technology as a novelty It’s like a world of links!¬†We overuse it. I have always felt that more is not better. If we can say it in fewer words…that is better. Just because I have access to all this technology does not mean I have to use it or that other people want to hear about it. We are losing our ability to share what is truly important and are rather just providing all of it. We feel the need to hyperlink everything, to show the world what we know. The following says it all!

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 12.25.28 PM

Look forward to sharing my final project with you!



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